Failure Freedom

We all fail at some point. We each make mistakes, say the wrong thing, give the wrong look, etc. But does that make us a failure?

I put too much emphasis on my failings and shortcomings, issues and problems in my life. I focus so much on them, I lose track of the truth.

I was talking to the Lord about it all while harshly beating myself up mentally one day. He was pretty quiet most of the day. It allowed me space to vent and get it all out there (I’m a verbal processor, so I needed that). Then, gently but firmly, He quietly said:

“Your failings and issues don’t define who you are, honey. I do.”

My response? Silence. Complete silence, along with a sigh of relief from this incredible reminder.

I believe this is something each of us needs to remember. It’s so easy to turn on oneself and beat yourself to the ground with harsh words and graceless thoughts. We typically show ourselves much less grace than Christ Himself.

So today, remember, you are defined by Christ and who you are in Him. Not by your personal issues, failures, and so on. What freedom 🙂


Blurry Vision


Everywhere there are fake people. Fake smiles. Fake words. Makes me wonder what would happen if we were all real. Even just for a moment. What anger would we see? What love would we experience? What sadness would be witness?

But honestly, how many people want to see all that? How many people want to deal with what’s really going on? It’s seen as a burden. An inconvenience. We all have busy lives. Someone else’s problems interrupt the cycle.

I see people shove things aside. Stuff their problems. Brush it off until a more ‘convenient’ time. Realistically, that more ‘convenient’ time will never come. The time is now.

Being real can be messy, and it’s often seen as risky. Showing people your true self and being that vulnerable can lead to rejection and hurt. But, would it be better to walk through life not being yourself? Never knowing who your true friends are? I don’t think so.

I’ve heard people say “I hate when people cry in public.  It’s embarrassing and shows a lack of class and dignity”. What’s so wrong with crying in public? Yeah, it can make some uncomfortable. Yes, it can embarrass others. But, that’s their own issue. Instead of being encouraged to be ourselves, we’re encouraged to hide. Which is so sad.

It’s hard to come across truly real people. People who are open about who they are. We all have struggles and pain and sorrow. Most of us are fighting a hard battle. So why not start speaking up about it? Why not start being there for each other and encouraging one another?

I think it’s time we stop blinding ourselves to the reality going on around us. See people for who they are. Their pain, their struggles, their beauty, and so on. Only then can we truly show grace and only then can we truly love. It’s time to end this blurred vision and ideal and stand up for honesty.