Love meets unconditional

What does it mean to love someone unconditionally? To express such love as Christ calls us to show?┬áLoving a person……truly loving a person……no matter what they have done or how they have behaved……has got to be impossible. Yeah? Yeah……

Yet still, that is how Christ calls us to love. So it’s obviously not impossible.

So how does one accomplish the seemingly impossible? Easy…….one doesn’t……..but He does.

What if you could love people just because? What if you didn’t need a reason, or an excuse, to love them? Love is a choice. You hear that over and over again until the saying is worn thin. Tattered and ignored. Which is sad, because truthfully, it’s one of the most important life lessons to learn I believe.

The Lord is currently at work with my perspective and view of unconditional love. He’s twisting the very core of my belief and spilling it out all over the place until no tile is left unturned. He’s questioning the current voice in me that tells me I do love unconditionally. He’s gently whittling my belief system and forming it more into truths.

My former view was that people need a reason to be loved. I need to understand their perspective to give them love. But that’s not true at all…….and He’s definitely come in and shaken that little bundle of falsehoods up.

People are to be loved just because. No reason. No excuse. Christ calls us to love, and so that is what we are to do. They can be the most horrible person ever. They can be hateful and rude and annoying and poopy. But none of that matters when it comes to loving them. We are still called to love, regardless.

Again, impossible. Yeah? Yeah…..

It’s a good thing it’s not our strength loving, but Christ’s strength burning and showering love through us. We just need to learn to be available for Him to love through us.