Words to live by….



Validating the Positive

It’s a new year. Which means new ideas. New adventures. New goals.

Last year was incredible. I started it out with overwhelming dread and fear. The Lord really turned that around though. Here I am, sitting in the coffee shop I work at, studying homeopathy and blogging. I have the most wonderful friends because of this shop. I’m in a more beautiful relationship than I could have ever imagined. I’m establishing myself in a cozy quaint quiet town. My sister got engaged!! And life is just all around lovely. I’m crazy excited about this next year and what it has to bring.

The Lord has been lovingly nudging me about some struggles I’ve been dealing with and helping me sort them out and not letting me sweep them under the rug. Which, mind you, is what I’d MUCH rather do. Dealing with issues is a pain and a hassle. Pushing them aside makes life easier…….maybe?………

I have one new years resolution this year. That resolution is to validate the positive things in life. I tend to view my own personal life with a negative perspective. I can easily see positivity in the lives of others, but when it comes to myself, it’s incredibly hard. I’m blessed to be dating a man who can always see the positivity in my life when I can’t. But it’s still something I need to work on and something the Lord continues to not let me “forget” about.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and so I’m going to start it to help:



Every time something positive and good happens you write it on a note and put it in the jar. At the end of the year, you go through them and remember all the great things that happened that year! 🙂

So here’s to 2013 and positivity!

Until next time,