A year missed….

I missed almost an entire year of blogging, and it just happened to possibly be the craziest, busiest, and most amazing year of my life. Engagements, two weddings, new jobs filled with incredible challenges and growth, moving to a new town, and more. I’m not even sure where to begin. The Lord has challenged who I am and what I believe in more ways than one. I’ll give a brief skim of the year just to keep everyone up to date.

I moved into my dream apartment in April with a dear friend. The floor was black and white checkered laminate tile, tall ceilings with vintage ceiling tile, windows that led to the roof, loft above the kitchen, and located downtown in a small town next to vintage shops, a cafe, and coffee shops. Absolutely perfect! In June my sister got MARRIED to an amazing guy that I’m incredibly proud to call brother! Also in June I accepted a full time position to work with abused and neglected teen girls. Talk about a wild month emotionally.

Full time with my girls brought on some of the most challenging moments of my life and caused a lot of spiritual growth. I’m convinced I needed them more than they needed me. There will be more to come about all of that!

In July, Austin PROPOSED!!! Which began 4 crazy and insane months of planning and prepping for our wedding in November. Also more to come about all of that šŸ˜‰

I stepped down from full time due to being at work until midnight and Austin and I having opposite schedules. We both wanted to begin our marriage on solid ground and more than just Saturday to spend together. Now I’m a transporter for that same organization and still get to see the teens as well as all the little ones!

I moved out of my dream apartment to move in with my dream guy and husband and now we’re both working jobs that support fighting and advocating for abused and neglected kids, getting involved in a church, merging ourselves into the community, and experiencing life together.

As for 2014……bring it! šŸ˜‰


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