Open Book

We each have a story. A testimony. I look at my story and don’t see a whole lot. It’s a pretty common, basic story. But the Lord can still use it.

Listening is a skill that has not come easy for me. It’s something I’m still mastering….probably always will be lol. I’m someone who loves talking…..a lot. I usually have a ton going on in my mind and I process verbally.

How do these two connect? Let me finish 😉

I love telling people my story. I’m sure those of you who have read through my blog have realized….I love stories. But not everyone needs to hear my whole story. It can’t help and encourage everyone. Not its entirety. But maybe bits and parts can.

That’s where listening comes in.

I used to be a pretty open book. I’d tell my whole story to almost everyone I came in contact with. But is that really what our story is for? The Lord writes us a beautiful story and it becomes our testimony. A way to glorify Him.

He started to reveal to me that telling my entire story to everyone wasn’t using the most of the testimony He has given me. Instead, I need to learn to listen to people and read situations. One person may be encouraged by one part, while another may be encouraged by another part.

I’ve been learning to listen deeply to people and be sensitive to what the Spirit leads me to say.

I’m still a fairly open book. If someone asks, I’ll generally answer. But not everyone needs that. They just need someone to listen to relate and to be encouraged.

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