Can I be close to you?


Tonight, I took myself out on a date. Because I’m a cheapo, I always sneak my own snacks into a theater. They’re just waaaay too pricey!! So I went and bought my ticket for New Years Eve, (every girl needs a cheesy chick flick here and there) a good hour before it started (I’m always paranoid about movies selling out). Then headed to the closest store that sells snacks and got myself some goodies.

I’ve never been to a movie by myself. To my surprise, I rather enjoyed it.

I originally went to the movies to escape for a bit. Escape from my thoughts and whatnot. But, the movie didn’t provide much relief. In fact, it got me thinking about said whatnot more. 😛

After the movie, I briskly got myself to my car and inside, since tonight is chilly. I stuck my key in the ignition and headed back home. As I was driving home, I was praying. Sometimes I listen to certain songs and they become my prayers. Tonight, it was Bloom by The Paper Kites:

So there I sat, trying to concentrate on the road while crying out my prayer.

I’m still always amazed when the Lord answers. Not even so much in that He answers, but how He answers. He answers in the most beautiful way. Tonight, He once again overwhelmed me.

As I was coming close to my street, I noticed the moon. It’s incredibly large tonight. That’s really an understatement. It’s huge, and a lovely pale yellow. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it look quite like that.

So, there it was, perched comfortably among the stars, looking down at me. Right at that moment, I was singing along with the song ‘can I be close to you?’, and right at that moment, I sat in amazement as I realized the Lord was showing me, through the moon, that He’s right here. Close, and watching out for me.

I felt like a big-eyed girl that is curiously but cautiously staring into the eyes of her lover, as he’s wooing her. As he’s gently drawing her close and whispering beautiful things into her ear. Reminding her that she’s safe in his arms. That he will fight for her no matter what. And that, come what may, he will never, ever, leave her.

So tonight, remember, He’s wooing you. He’s drawing you deeper and deeper into the perfect safety of His arms. No matter what. No matter how crazy you may act, harsh words you may use, annoying things you might do, broken you might be, He will never, ever, leave you.


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