We want to avoid suffering, death, sin, ashes….

But we live in a world crushed and broken and torn, a world God Himself visited to redeem.

~ Elisabeth Elliot

There are few things more beautiful and more touching than to watch middle schoolers and high schoolers stand up and pour out their hearts in spoken word or poetry. I went to an open mic poetry that was hosted by a local church recently. I teared up more than once. Each child that stood up on that stage painted an image through their words. An image filled to the brim with heartache, loss, and anguish.

Each poem was very different. Each their own. Each portraying a glimpse into their own story. Their own heart.

I stood and listened and honestly, I had to walk out a couple times because the pain from their words broke my heart so much.They talked about rape, verbal abuse, racism, ect. They were so young, but so exposed.

I grew up much more sheltered. I wasn’t very exposed to the horrors going on around until I graduated from highschool. I can’t relate to those kids very much. I can’t relate to growing up in an abusive environment filled with violence, drugs, rape, and so on. Hearing their words overwhelmed me.

But, it overwhelmed in a good way. It showed me a completely different side of life. Life through different eyes. It reminded me that we all have our own story to live and to tell. We each have our own story that can encourage and inspire someone else. No, I can’t relate to the stories they told, but I was inspired and the Lord used it in my life. He reminded me to listen. To open my eyes and ears to everything going on around me. Not just the fun, happy things.

Those kids were given an amazing opportunity to share their stories in a safe environment. And because of their stories, I’m once again reminded of how incredibly blessed I am, how much more I need to be praying and helping those struggling, and to not be so afraid to listen. Their stories may not show the most happy of lives, but they’re still encouraging. Still motivating. Still beautiful.


2 thoughts on “We want to avoid suffering, death, sin, ashes….

  1. Its incredible how two completely different paths can lead people to the same place. I came from a sheltered home just like you, but I have had a similar experience to you, as i have become friends who have gone through so much in their lives already. I love this idea of ‘our own story’. I guess i like it because, while it doesn’t always happen, your assumption is that every story has a happy ending! We all face difficulties, struggles, some much different than others, but we still have faith that their is a happy ending awaiting us.
    Awesome post. Awesome blog.

    • So so true! Yeah, this past year the Lord has really been opening my eyes to each person around me and how they each have their own unique story. The story that has made them who they are today. Some good, some bad. It really changes your view of the people you walk by everyday.

      Thank you! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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