A dash of sci-fi and a sprinkle of nerd

dr. who

Random post of the day! I’ve decided to sorta kinda combine my current 2 blogs. Why not? So here’s a starter. This, dear readers, is my Dr. Who gingerbread man. Don’t sit there and pretend it didn’t make you smile. He’s cute. Hands down. 😉 And bow ties are cool.

The kids I nanny and myself made gingerbread men and sugar cookies for a local nursing home. Twas a fun day 🙂

So yeah….I’m a complete nerd for Doctor Who. But, I bet if you gave him a chance, you would be too. It’s a rather splendid show.

Here is a list of my top 5 favorite nerd things.

1. Doctor Who (duh) and other nerd shows (IT Crowd, Big Bang Theory, etc.)

dr whoo


2. NES games, such as Zelda, TMNT, and mario


3. Spiderman comics (Only the old ones. I really don’t like the new stuff they’re coming out with), and really most things that have to do with superheroes.


4. Monopoly (yes, I happen to be one of those sad people who collects different editions….I actually started making a round monopoly when I was 13 or 14)

 Monopoly car

5. Star Wars references and jokes (which is odd, because I’m really not a big SW fan…..)



2 thoughts on “A dash of sci-fi and a sprinkle of nerd

  1. Oh this is brilliant! I made a gingerbread TARDIS and 10th Doctor this year too. Took about five-ever, but totally worth it! I also can’t bring myself to eat them….

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