Sick Day Entertainment

Everyone seems to be getting sick these days! The girl and boy that I nanny have both already had strep throat and so has their mom. How I managed to not get it after being in their house all the time, I still don’t know. But I honestly I don’t care lol! I’m just thankful!

When I’m sick, all I do is lay on the couch or in my bed and watch movies. All day. But not just any movies. Oh no, I have specific ones ;). Here’s my list of sick day movies:

The Little Mermaid:


Beauty and the Beast:

beauty and the beast

The Princess and the Frog:


The Man From Snowy River:

snowy_river   Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth version, because, well, I have all day ;P):

pride_and_prejudice_2  So maybe you’re starting to see a pattern. All are romances, and mostly romantic dramas. Also, I do love my Disney movies when I’m sick :). Sometimes, if I’m up for another movie (at this point, Im usually delirious from all the tv and laying around lol) I’ll add in Aladdin or some other Disney princess movie.

Hope you’re all staying well this year and away from the sniffles and sneezes!


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