Love at first sight *swoons*

luggagee I was right, all that anxiety was over nothing! That’s usually the case ;P. Anywho, mom and I went to visit the location I’m considering moving to. It’s an old hotel and the person who owns it is renting the rooms out. Cool, right? I’m super stoked.

We walked in the doors and……well… it possible to be in love with a building? If so, I experienced love at first sight. The inside is incredulously fantastic. It has red carpet, chandeliers, wide staircases with huge banisters, etc. It’s simply…, there’s nothing simple about it…..let’s just say, it’s gorgeous. The rooms are spacious and wonderfully old. There are two rooms in particular I’m interested in. They both are very nearly the same, just one is a bit larger. They have a bedroom and another side room that is smaller. Perfect for a study nook/studio for my music!

So for the past week, I’ve been planning. List after list after list saved on my laptop. My poor computer must think I’m a freak (if it didn’t already haha). I have a list of things impossible to live without, a list of budgeting, a list of things I can do while living there, a list of everything the building offers, etc. This will be my first time to move out, and I plan on being ready!

I won’t be actually moving until February, but I want to be completely prepared. I figure knowing what I need to shop for and prepare for now is a good call :). Thrift stores, here I come!

My List of things that are impossible to live without:

* = things I already own or partially own

*bed frame
*futon/couch (in case a friend stays the night)
*wardrobe (like narnia! ^.^)
*video games
*cabinet for tv and video games
brightly colored pillows
gray or mustard yellow bedspread
*blankets (because I get cold easily)

Sitting Room:
*vintage chair
*acoustic and electric guitar

random vintage style plates
measuring utensils
toaster oven

shower curtain

*random luggage
*old typewriter
record player
*alarm clock
*’20s projector
random in-case-of-emergency medicine

So really, I don’t have too too much to shop for! I’ve been collecting random things here and there for a couple years for when I moved out. Looks like that might pay off! I’m sure I’ll add to that list over and over again as the time gets closer. Any suggestions from my readers are most welcome!

My life is about to take a huge turn. Moving out is a grand step to growing up and becoming more independent. I’m nervous. I’m terrified. I’m overwhelmed. But, I’m also excited! I’ve been screaming and jumping up and down inside like a 5 year old lol.

So, we’ll see how everything goes! Hopefully I’ll be prepared as best as I can be 🙂


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