True confidence or fake confidence?

Confidence is a funny word. I was wondering, today, what it means to be truly confident. Is it to walk into a group of people feeling unashamed and where self-consciousness is a thing of the past? Is it strutting the streets, head held high, and not caring what others think? Is it an attitude, or a heart change?

I’ve found myself in situations where I have to fake confidence. I know I’m about to meet a new person, so I prepare myself by putting on the armor of confidence. I walk in, meet them, coming across as a very outgoing, bold person…but inside, im a small girl ducking around every corner hoping to not be noticed.

In situations where I have little confidence, my life has been greatly effected. How I react to different to different situations and respond to different opportunities. For example, I’m honestly not big into sports. At all. Especially when it comes to playing them. But, I’m a very competitive person. I think that if I knew what I was doing, I would enjoy playing sports more. But I have very rarely, if ever, given myself enough of a chance to find out. I usually sit out and just watch because I have so little confidence in myself when it comes to playing.

But, I have also come across times where true confidence reigns. Where I stand in front of a group of people and don’t feel fear or anxiety, but complete comfort in just being me and who I am. That’s real confidence, in my opinion. When you allow the Lord to take over and be confident through you. When you allow yourself to accept you for you and only care that you are loved and fully accepted by the Creator. When you experience a heart change, that results in an attitude change.

Insecurity has an incredibly loud voice. I notice though, the more time I spend with the Lord, the more naturally confidence comes. And the more I remind myself of who I am in Him, and the more I listen to His voice of truth, the deeper it settles in. His voice becomes louder than all my insecurities and fears. I’m suddenly not so aware of myself anymore. That, my friends, is when true confidence shines.


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