The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear


Usually, I’m in the Christmas spirit long before what is socially acceptable, but this year is a little different. For some reason, this Christmas, I’m just not feeling it. The mood either hasn’t quite hit me yet, or maybe it’s because I’m seeing things I failed to see before.

I was driving down my street last night and noticed a house that is so decorated, you can hardly see the house anymore. It frustrated me, honestly. Call me scrooge, but I feel like the “Christmas spirit” isn’t at all what it should be. Instead of the spirit of giving, love, and Christ, it’s become selfish.

When I see a home totally covered in Christmas whatnot, I can’t help but think, ‘they spent all that money on decorations, when there are children dying, mothers freezing, and men starving all over the world.’. Yeah, that’s judgemental. I’m well aware. But it breaks my heart. I feel like the holidays are so self-focused, when really, they should be an opportunity to focus on others and their needs.

But that’s not all. Christmas is stressful, let’s face it. But it’s not supposed to be. One neighbor is trying to one up the other neighbor with their yard decorations. A family member is trying to get the absolute best, most expensive present possible. Etc, etc.

I’m not against decorating or gifts. That’s not my point. Gifts can be a sweet gesture of love, and decorations can be fun. But both should be in moderation. And the stress? What’s up with that? This season is a time of thankfulness and awe. A time to remind our loved ones how loved they really are. A time to remember that, if not for the birth of the King, we would be hopeless people, and actually have reason to stress!

I hope the Christmas spirit catches up with me, or that I catch up with it. I’m sure as the day draws near, my child heart will start to get excited. But this year, I’m trying to keep things in perspective for what they really are. To calm my soul and not stress. This can be easier said than done when stress fills the air you breath. But so far, things aren’t so bad. 🙂 This year, I want to remember the real reason, not just the world’s reason.


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