A Day in the Life of a Single Girl


I’ve been contemplating the life of a single woman lately, and what exactly that looks like. It’s going to look a bit different for each person, of course, but there is such freedom, and such room to do so much. As a single person, I have the time and the freedom to explore and try new things. I’ve had the opportunity to see if I can write music and lyrics. I’ve deepened my knowledge of the Lord (or really, He’s deepened my knowledge of Him). I’ve come to understand myself more on a new level. I had no idea I had so many interests, and so I’m currently trying all of them, etc.

Now that I’m once again single, most people seem to think it’s a bad thing……? I’m a fairly independent individual. I honestly don’t *need* a guy in my life. I’m pretty content with where the Lord has me.

Don’t get me wrong though. That, in no way, means I don’t desire to be with someone. I do. I struggle with loneliness often. I miss having a special someone, and I haven’t had a ‘best friend’ since I’ve been single again. But, even when dating, I still struggle with loneliness. Dating has taught me something. We can’t look to others to fulfill our needs. No matter how much we desire otherwise, they will always, at some point or another, fail our expectations. Why? Because they’re human, and because there is only One who can fill that deep hole of loneliness and meet every need. I’m not sure a person can have a truly successful and happy relationship until they fully understand this. And not just in their head, but in their heart as well.

Here is a post I came across the other day, from the blog The Roadside Diary. I highly encourage you to read it. She words singleness so beautifully.


3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Single Girl

  1. The most successful relationships happen when people are able to be independent and be their own person w/in the relationship. Your identity is not “wife” or “girlfriend” just like it is not “mom”, but rather YOU…wife/girlfriend/mom are all small facets. We can’t allow ourselves to be limited by society’s categories!

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