Silence. How does one describe silence? Is there really such thing as complete silence? One can sit in total and utter silence from the world. From the things around them. But what about inward silence? It rejoices as you grow and strengthen as a person. It screams at you as you lay in bed, soaking your pillow in your silent tears. It yells at you as you sit alone, reminiscing over past failed attempts.

Silence is a curious thing.

But, is self silence really silence at all? Or is that silence merely a doorway that opens to a path of mental opportunity for emotions to stir within you, and fill every nook and cranny? A doorway that once opened, shines light onto every filed and shoved feeling? All that baggage you threw into your mental room of ‘Things of which we do not speak’.

Silence can be a doorway. A doorway that leads us into the very depths of our souls. A doorway that pushes us into greater things. Greater beings. Deeper people. Silence can force a person into a deeper knowledge of himself. A knowledge of who he is and why he is and what he is.

Silence is a curious thing. But maybe silence is an excuse. Maybe really, self silence isn’t silence at all, but the gentle shove of a greater One. The God who cares. The God who desires for us to know. To understand. To dig deeper into ourselves so that we are forced to go to Him. The One with all the answers.


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