Twilight Pt. 2

twilight 2

I watched New Moon on Wednesday with Hannah (my sister). She’s watching the whole series with me haha.

I kept hearing bad reviews about this one. I heard it was depressing, not worth watching, that Edward was controlling in how he left her, and that the music is awful. I beg to differ.

Yes, it was slightly depressing, but relatable. She was real. Here’s a girl who has just had her heart ripped from her chest, shoved in her face, and then thrown to the ground and stomped on. Who can blame her?? I felt that this movie is a key part in the series. It showed how much she truly loves Edward, and it explained werewolves (like the first explained vampires). I didn’t appreciate how she used Jacob as rebound and to get past her depression though. I would be more gracious if she didn’t lead him on, but she does. They came close to kissing even. I honestly feel bad for the guy. I viewed her going after him as only trying to get past Edward. I believe she loves him, yes, but only as a friend.

Was Edward controlling? Possibly. But he was trying to protect her. I see nothing wrong with that. They say love is blind. I agree with that, to a point. Bella has been pretty reckless by going off with Edward. She fell in love almost instantly and went for him whole-heartedly. So, I honestly thought it was rather selfless what he did. He obviously adores her, but he wanted to give her a chance at a ‘normal’ life. What he failed to realize is just how deeply she loves him. She can’t live without him.

As for the music, I actually really enjoyed it. They play songs from a lot of artists I listen to. Death Cab, Bon Iver, Sea Wolf, The Killers, etc.

I don’t really appreciate that Dakota Fanning is in it. I just can’t take them as seriously haha.

I liked New Moon more than I thought I would though. It wasn’t quite what I had heard it was. At least to me. There were ups and downs about it, of course. But overall, I enjoyed it. It wasn’t as awful as most people made it out to be 🙂


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