Twilight Pt. 1

twilight 1

I’ve been pretty much against Twilight since the beginning. I’ve refused to watch the movies, read the books and even watch the trailers, and I have done SO WELL in standing my ground……until last night…..

My sister has begged me over and over again to watch the movies with her. Yesterday, we went on a ‘sister date’ and she finally wore me down. Getting me to watch it was an accomplishment. Getting me to even CONSIDER watching was an accomplishment. I decided though that if I’m going to be against something, I should at least have an educated argument against it. I annoys be so much when people are against something I’m into and they haven’t even tried it.

So yes, I watched it…….*says in barely audible whisper* and liked it (oh sin of sins!)………
I’ve heard a lot of arguments about it. “It teaches kids to be rebellious” “The whole issue of vampires and romance is completely unrealistic” “It teaches girls to think that creepy guys who stalk them are romantic”

I might do a post about each movie. This one is about the first one, because it’s the only one I’ve seen thus far. So keep that in mind as you read on.

For the first argument I’ve heard “It teaches kids to be rebellious”:
1. How can a person be upset about that yet let their kids watch all the crap that’s on tv? Have you watched any of the shows on Disney? Nick? They’re full of rebellion. The kids are complete brats, and there is absolutely no respect for the parents in them. 2. I see in no way how it teaches kids to be rebellious. Bella chose to not be with her mom because she wanted her mom to have some time with her step dad. That’s selfless. Especially since she really didn’t want to go to her dad’s town. Throughout the movie you see her hanging with her dad often. They have a simple relationship. But it’s a relationship. That’s more than most these days. And throughout the movie, she makes the best of her situation. New school, new friends, new town. Instead of falling into her flesh pattern of hiding, she steps out of her comfort zone and gets to know the kids there.

“The whole issue of vampires and romance is completely unrealistic and nonsense”:
Well duh. But, how many movies, shows and books that are complete nonsense and unrealistic do you allow your children to view? Beauty and the Beast (she’s falls for a beast who has anger issues), Nightmare Before Christmas (is there anything NOT unrealistic and scary about this movie?), High School Musical (where do I even start?), Enchanted (she falls on him while wrapped in a towel. He walks in on her while she’s in the shower).  My point should be pretty clear now. Arguing against Twilight because it’s about vampires and romance and total nonsense is….total nonsense.

“It teaches girls to think that creepy guys who stalk them are romantic”:
Let me begin by saying that there are lots of heroes out there who are creepy. Again, Beauty and the Beast. I’m sure there are more, I just can’t think of them off the top of my head. Edward, honestly, isn’t very creepy. He’s pale, he sparkles, and overall lacks in the manhood department, yes, but that doesn’t make him creepy. He follows Bella because he feels a draw towards her and wants to protect her. He constantly opens the door for her, looks out for her needs and places her desires and needs above himself. Unlike most guys in movies these days….actually, unlike most guys in general these days. But Edward has flaws. He’s controlling in his protectiveness, he’s moody, and he almost kills her through the temptation of her blood while attempting to save her life. So no, he is far from perfect. But I feel that is a positive quality in the movie. It shows that even those who seem so perfect are indeed flawed and need to grow and learn.

So there you have it. Those are my thoughts on Twilight. Keep in mind, these are only my thoughts on the first movie. I’ll post my thoughts about each movie as I watch them. I’m sure my opinion will change and evolve as the series goes on.

I’m not a screaming fan, by any means. I don’t think every quality in the movie is a good one. There is a mix. But that’s the same as with any movie really.


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