Be Still Pt. 2



I had not originally planned on writing a part 2 for my Be Still post, but a friend pointed out that the post came across as me saying people should stuff their emotions and ignore them. Which is not at all what I believe! When they’re stuffed and ignored, they explode at some point.

Emotions are a part of us. They’re part of our make up and how we were created. They’re there for a reason. Some people are more emotional than others and more comfortable with their emotions. I’m fairly comfortable with mine. I’m learning how to figure them out. Emotions are so fickle. You can feel one way one moment and totally different another.

But that doesn’t make emotions bad. Even Jesus is emotional! He wept and He laughed and He empathized and He loved. He still does!

Emotions are a tricky thing. They go up and down. You can’t fully rely on them. But, without emotions, I feel like life would be lacking in so many ways. Emotions create music, art, dance, etc. Emotions help us express ourselves.

It’s like our relationship with the Lord. We can’t base how close we are to Him by listening to how we feel. Some moments, a person feels like they are one with Him, but then other moments, they feel they are separated and like He is so completely far away, and beyond all reach. But, in reality, He dwells inside of you! You can’t get any closer than that! And God isn’t always a feeling. Yes, there are those special, intimate moments where you feel Him near. But He is always near. We’re always wrapped in His embrace. No matter how we feel.

Emotions can be beautiful things. They can encourage and motivate. They’re there for a reason. That’s what we need to remember. They’re not everything, for sure, but they’re not pointless and to be ignored either.


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