I Am Right Brain


I came across this picture while spending way too much time on Pinterest ;P. It got me thinking. I feel like artsy people get so much attention. Whether it be good or bad. But from what I’ve noticed, most is good. Being artsy and creative is what most people seem to want to be. It’s the ‘in’ thing.

I sometimes see that left brained people get pushed to the side a bit. They get crap for being ‘geeks’ and whatnot. People seem to think that just because their work isn’t as showy, and possibly slightly confusing, they’re not as ‘special’ or whatever.

The truth is though, we’re each different. We’re each unique. I may be a right brained person, but that doesn’t make me more special than a left brained person. People who function more with their left brain are just as artsy and creative. Not in the way most would imagine, no. But they are. Just in a different way than the norm.

And that’s why I like this picture more than the top one:


It shows that both sides are exploding with creativity and ideas. That neither of them are less-than. They’re just different.


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