I had a very freeing moment the other day. So, sit back and read as I share this glorious revelation.

I think people put many legalistic burdens upon themselves. I know I certainly do. But the Lord is so faithful to release us of that unnecessary burden. Recently, He did so for me.

I’ve always believed if you date more than one person, you’re a failure. Crazy, right?

I’ve dated more than one person. Each time I’ve dated another guy, I felt like I was digging myself deeper and deeper into a hopeless pit. Bringing myself lower and lower on the chart of perfection.

I realized something the other day though. Yes, some people only date one person, and that’s great for them. But each person’s story is so different, and to say that one way will work for everyone is crazy talk. God has a different path for each of His beloved. Through each dating experience I’ve had, it’s been an amazing opportunity to learn. To grow. To be strengthened in the Lord. It’s also allowed me the chance to see exactly what I like and what I don’t like.

So, the Lord revealed that, instead of digging myself into a hole, I’ve been digging myself out of one. The hole of legalism.


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