“You can’t wrap love in a box…

girl with bear

………but you can wrap a person in a hug.”

Today, I was having a rather poopy day at work. You know, rude people, feeling unappreciated, the whole sha-bang. But it always amazes me when the Lord totally turns it around. When He shows me that yes, work can be a struggle at times, but there are people around us everyday who are struggling even more.

This woman came in to buy a wallet and some jewelry for herself. She already had a bag from a perfume store that is close by, so I could tell she was having a ‘me’ day. As I was finishing up the sale, I casually asked, to make light conversation and fill the awkward silence ‘How has your Saturday been?’. Her response was far from the norm. She began telling me about how she has been struggling greatly with depression because her husband had surgery (brain surgery, I believe) a while back, but that now the cut is leaking and he has to go back on Monday morning for another surgery.

She’s had to work hard to take care of him, and about 2 years ago her youngest son died. I started to tear up as she told me her story. It completely broke my heart. She talked about how today, the Lord really encouraged and strengthened her through random people she was meeting in the mall. About how she has been married for 30 years and is madly in love with her husband. I could feel her pain and fear and anxiety as she spoke. Before she left, I gave her a hug and let her know that I will be praying for her and her husband. His surgery is on Monday at 8am. For those who read this, prayers would be appreciated.

It’s amazing how a typical question, with a not so typical response can completely change a person’s attitude and view. The Lord truly blessed me today with her story. It showed me that, no matter what our struggle, no matter what our tragedy, He’s always there. He’s always faithful. He’s constantly giving us ‘God hugs’ and showing us He cares. Sometimes, its done quietly, and we don’t see it. Or, perhaps we’re just too engrossed in ourselves to see it. Either way, we miss the opportunity of receiving His hugs more often than we should.

Today He hugged me, through the story of that woman. He gave me a little love pat and reminder to say that He’s here, right beside me. No matter what, He’s here. Always.

So don’t forget to watch for His hugs. They’re there. And they are absolutely, breathtakingly, amazing.


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