Busy Or Available?


Why is everyone always in such a rush? Why do people run from one place to the next with absolutely no room in their day for mistakes or unexpected events? They’re too busy to notice the girl in the corner crying for love, or the boy down the hall screaming for answers. Too busy to see the man who’s eyes are filled with a deep sorrow, or the woman enveloped in loneliness.

My mind has been really pondering this lately. Maybe, instead of allowing ourselves to become so caught up in our own lives and our own problems, we should start “carrying each other’s burdens” and watching for opportunities the Lord gives us. Maybe our focus should be more about being available to God. Being available to be completely used by Him, instead of ignoring it and missing out on the blessing of experiencing Him loving someone or encouraging someone through you.

As I stroll up and down streets of random places, I constantly see people in need being turned away. And not just homeless people. I see single mothers struggling just to get through each day. I see old men sitting at coffee shops just hoping someone will come and talk to them, etc. But that’s my problem. I see, but I rarely act. I feel uncomfortable, or second guess myself. Satan is constantly at work in some way or another, and I believe he very rudely tries to butt his way into the work of the Lord. We need to start pushing him aside though, because he’s probably not going to give up. We are always given a choice, to go up to that hurting stranger and watch the Lord work, or to listen to fears and worries and lies from Satan. Which do you choose?


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