“We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom”


Here I am, once again sitting at a coffee shop, and feeling completely at peace. Which is odd, considering its a tidbit after 8am and chaotic, busy people are pouring in looking frantic and rushed. The smell of coffee fills the air, the steamer and coffee grinder are being overachievers in the background and I’m quietly alone in a corner left contentedly to my musings and observations.

I began thinking about people, and how they are always rushing. Always caught up in their own little chaotic lives, and how difficult it is to find peace in a frantic world. True peace. But it’s there. A small, barely visible flicker, yes, but it’s still there. When a person can find that peace and rest in that peace while caught in the tornado of this thing we call life, it’s a beautiful thing. And a rare thing.

Some people search their entire lives for it. They dig and pry with no luck. They scrape thin any  possible chance or opportunity. But what most fail to see or choose to not see, is that there is only one way to know, feel, dwell and live in that peace. It’s all around us. Embracing us each day. Yet, we push it aside and ignore the gentle tap on our shoulder. But no matter how many times we ignore, no matter how many days we choose to walk away, this Peace will never cease to pursue.

(Quote from Dwight D. Eisenhower)


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